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In Ravenna, everything speaks of history, art and culture. The offer of the city is rich and diverse in every season. In addition to hosting eight UNESCO monuments, archaeological sites and places of particular historical and cultural interest, Ravenna is also home to high-profile exhibitions, events and international exhibitions. In addition, much attention is devoted to the world of childhood, with museums and shows for toddlers.

The set of early Christian and Byzantine religious monuments of Ravenna is of extraordinary importance because of the supreme artistic mastery of the mosaic. They are also evidence of the artistic and religious relationships and contacts of an important period in the history of European culture.

Things to do in Ravenna


The largest amusement park in Italy

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Battistero Neoniano

The interior stands out for the decoration of the entire dome mosaic.

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Teatro Dante Alighieri

The main theater of Ravenna.

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Teatro Socjale

A very important point of cultural reference, thanks to the clever mix of excellent films, delicious cappelletti Romagna and music copyright

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